Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why New York

1. If you ever thought that you are not normal, then New York is the place for you to live.
2. People take so much trouble to look ugly in New York that if you are ugly its hardly an issue here.
3. What i don't like (after some time) about summer here in NY is that women move around with so much of unwanted flesh slipping out of their clothes like molted silicon gasket.
4. Almost all non Anglo-Saxon men (including some of them sometimes) spend as much time on their hair and cloths as women do. Men do this without realising that they cant make effort to look good without crossing the gender boundry...but then that's fine in NY.


Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

1. Hence your love of NYC, since you are DEFINITELY not normal.
2. 'Ugly' is a frame of mind & proceeds from the heart; physically attractive people can be quite ugly. Perhaps you are saying that NYers are morally corrupt (ugly).
3. Women flash their wares when it gets hot: call it "eye candy." It is true, however, that the society in general has become more superficial.
4. Racism continues to abound in American culture, although in subtle, unseen forms.

Aarti Singh said...

1. What is "normal" anyway?
2. Now what is "ugly" ? I thought New Yorkers took only trouble to look like mourners- Black is the color of the Big Apple and of course neither green nor red.
3.Some say wanted or unwanted flesh slipping out through the clothes is the reminder of women's liberation in America. So beware of feminists surfing your blog.
4.Hair and clothes, men and women - there is a thin line distinction between everything in America!!!

Quixotic said...

the reactions have deepened and redefined the meaning of the observation i made. Not to mention that my observations are as thinly clothed in satire as the subject in their vanity.