Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Coolie Kids In Paradise

Two pics i took while on vacation at Nainital on 10th April 2005 were of these coolie kids.These kids sling those ropes on their head and carry unimaginable load on their back and get 5-10 rupees for their labour.

They look cheerful and cute in the picture but were very depressing sight to see in the paradise of affluents. It was evening time and after hard days work these kids were sitting on the side of a busty road and were making sound of the puppy or kitten in pain whenever any car passed. and thus fooling then in thinking that some dog or cat has come under wheel. and they were having great fun doing that.

The rope you see in thier hand is thier load carrier. they sling it on head and carry load on back, thier head painfully bend under pressure. They get 5-10 ruppies ( roughly one fifth of dollar) to carry load for more than 2 km uphill.