Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Now these pictres are from my camera...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

What we see and what we think

my new book collection.

But this is the least of all that i am reading. The Butler stax of columbia has all the books i - ever- wanted- to- read -but - never- got -my -hands- on- them. Even (most unknown) Usha Priyanmvada's collection of most melancholic stories from India and (known but unavailable) Anais Nin's erotica from France are available. Kate will be jealous of me since now i have all her diaries at my hand and i will be sending more excerpt that she sent me all these months when i was in India.

Other day i was wondering about the pictures i have posted on this site and the things (no matter how scantily written) i write here.

I feel when we are out side or even at home ....mostly we don't thnik what we see in front of us. Most of the time we are on Auto pilot mode. while mind want to think about other things it makes us do the less important household and other chores automatically. and that is what i have done here. what goes in my mind is not what i see unless i have camera with me.

An Ancient indian Bridge to my heart...but its not this one.....

Metro rail and a cross road to Harlem

visual rendition

I had been to 42nd street and thought about you.

All this exquisite places and foods and liquors reminds me of you, since i am so indifferent to them and you love them so much. I would have loved to be pestered by your demands here :-)

General Grants Tomb in the park near by


hi all
i got place in International House on the banks of Hudson river overlooking beautiful parks and Washington Bridge in the distance. its grand place and everything is specious except the room. This I-house was founded by John D Rockefeller to house ppl from various nationality and cultural background hence they hav emade many rooms (studio type bunks) and it has laundry room dining room tv room specious halls a pub that is open till 3 am (wow!) and gym

here are some pictures of the surrounding area.

This is the hall where i study

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mistress of My SoUL

Dear Dulcinea,
sometimes i unnecessary feel like addressing you as "mistress of my soul".

I just landed in the bleak, dark, damp and soulless city of New York Manhattan, and the searing wind here is doing more than that minor harm to me, its not just giving that ever pervading cold to me..... but its constricting my heart.

The view from my window is of SIPA building and a solitary, lanky tree that is trying to save its dignity and grace from that same obtrusive searing cold wind.

The sofa I am laying has got jute covers, and is warm, and the most bright thing in the hall where I will stay for a week is the copy of Swann’s Way by Marcel Proust that you got for me from Scotland. His sentences only add more fleeting thoughts to my already illusory, malevolent, melancholic solvent heart and mind.

I don't want to go on feeling this vacuum in me without you……but that is it, without you there is nothing else to feel.

And so I remember Andre Gide…….

The greatest Joy of my life
Has been slaking of my thirst! ( of fluid and body….)

And none is there.