Saturday, September 09, 2006

What we see and what we think

my new book collection.

But this is the least of all that i am reading. The Butler stax of columbia has all the books i - ever- wanted- to- read -but - never- got -my -hands- on- them. Even (most unknown) Usha Priyanmvada's collection of most melancholic stories from India and (known but unavailable) Anais Nin's erotica from France are available. Kate will be jealous of me since now i have all her diaries at my hand and i will be sending more excerpt that she sent me all these months when i was in India.

Other day i was wondering about the pictures i have posted on this site and the things (no matter how scantily written) i write here.

I feel when we are out side or even at home ....mostly we don't thnik what we see in front of us. Most of the time we are on Auto pilot mode. while mind want to think about other things it makes us do the less important household and other chores automatically. and that is what i have done here. what goes in my mind is not what i see unless i have camera with me.

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