Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Serene, dark, somber and saturated colour of nature

After long time it rained at around 12 degree centigrades... that is perfect for getting wet without feeling cold. It so rarely happens here in New York that for life of me i could not have missed it. Initially the bleakness of sky overwhelmed me as much as the rain overwhelmed the earth. But when you look long hard and lovingly at something, it takes the light of your love and did glowed the day when i looked out of window and felt i should go out.

And i enjoyed the plop-plop of shoes and E9 printed in yellow color on the beaten asphalt road. The day seemed normal with people shopping and walking and struggling to keep dry and failing miserably. The cars the horns the lights in day time and then the incessant sound of the hissing wind and rain. But i felt at peace walking to Van Cordtland was deserted and for long time i was the only one plodding softly in mulch and mud and shifting puddles. I took my both cameras but took only one picture with Yashica. I also recorded myself jogging from under the bridge to capture the contrast.

I was nostalgi all the while i was out in rain. Then it started raining hard by 3 pm the temperature also started dropping so i had to run home. But i will remember the sound of raind drops hitting the water on earth and the hissing and the concentric circle forming in the water over and over again

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