Thursday, February 05, 2009

Pub Culture Vs Whatever

Eastern people or the right wing nationalist parties in most South Asian countries perceive Western culture as a kind of decadence, something that pollutes their culture.

What they don’t understand is that western culture (popularly associated with America) is a culture of convenience and comfort. Westerner invariably come out with things and ideas that are very useful for every aspect of modern life and hence are easily assimilated by people worldwide than anything that these easterner conventional people can come up or try to stick to. Obviously the conventional puritan people of East have no ability to come out with more attractive or convenient things so they just, out of guilt symbolically reject few western things?

Also, why these right wing puritans are selective in their rejection? Right from the first thing used by them in the morning - the toothbrush to every other thing used by them throughout the day is mostly invented by these westerns to make modern life easier and yet they take some ‘symbolic’ things like pubs and movies and songs and Valentine Day and the idea of absolute freedom as polluting and try to vent their guilty fury at it?

Why don’t they learn? Contrary to evolutionary creed explained by Darwin they stubbornly refuse to adapt to evolving cultures. I mean even if you are believer and creationist you can still guess that humanity due to its mental capability is destined or doomed to keep on progressing no matter what so why not aid it constructively than fight it foolishly?

Again taking about Darwin’s theory (can’t escape this grand old man) let people choose to do what they want to do and let the survival of fittest theory prevail in cultures too. Even the dandy English Hat went out of fashion since it was not convenient so does Hippy movement and drugs and free sex of sixties. More things will phase out even the idea of ‘convenience’. Don’t worry, if chastity belt, al-Qaida, blowing up people in name of religion and religion itself is convenient it will prevail and jeans, noodle strap, valentine's day, right of abortion and idea of happiness will fade if it’s not convenient, but let it happen by itself don’t force it.


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These controversies are to gain attention.

Badway to attend attention though, they limit themselves to the select few who would agree to them.