Friday, June 17, 2005


i an getting bugged by way politics and media feed each other. You open any news channel (in india) you will find it crammed with politcal news...nothing constructive. and our so called intellectuals will hold endless debate with these politicians avaoiding all critical issues and thier personal misadventures and be goodie goodie to them. even people here in india have got used to such things and everything ...well just goes on.

i was reading Jean Baudrillard's Simulacra and simulation...and thought his prophecies are coming true..even without the Matrix. visit to know more:


Chaitali said...

You wrote this in 2005 and after 4 years I feel exactly the same way. You know the funny part is there are millions of people who feel the same way, but no one does anything about it. Go blog surfing there will be many people who feel exactly the way you feel doing nothing about it.

Chaitali said...

Post 26/11 there were so many groups formed on facebook. I joined aaround 5 of them. But nothing has been done about it. Everyone is back to their own lives.

Quixotic said...


lost of people who are worried about the state of world think the same way and think the same thing.

I have kept a copy of the Jean Baudrillard posting which is not available now on the link i posted there i will send you when i get it.

But JB has written extensively on misuse and abuse of media as Alduos Huxley ( see this video and Noam Chomsky have done.

Thanks for your affirmation :-)